Iconic Digital Transponder

Our core technology, the Iconic Digital Transponder (iDT) system, brings cross-barrier monitoring and tool activation acoustically without impacting the barrier integrity. Monitor and control beyond barriers; wireless and in real-time.

The iDT is “plug and play”

Our system can be delivered with slickline, electric line or wired drill pipe and can be integrated into any common bridge plug, tubing hanger or intervention assembly.

Data is safety and securely transmitted acoustically from the well to surface mounted amplifier and control unit.

The iDT also allows for two way communication. It change monitoring frequency or actuate downhole tools.



  • Provides the means for downhole wireless monitoring and action.

  • Can be deployed by all conventional means.

  • ‘Plug and play’ nature and can be mounted below any kind of plug or hanger.


  • Wireless acoustic communication through tubular to surface.

  • Does not require any mechanical adaptions.

Suitable for my application?

  • Rated to 150 deg C. Higher temperature rating can be supplied upon special request.

What it does

  • Monitors physical parameters below andabove a plug or hanger.

  • May be used to actuate functions across barriers.

  • Can be deployed anywhere in the well.

  • Acoustic data transfer gives access to real time downhole information.

Application examples

  • Barrier verification for X-mas tree change out or maintenance.

  • Temporary P&A for continuous integrity verification.

  • Riser less pre-slot recovery for barrier verification of shallow set plug.

  • Perforation logging and leak off tests.

For how long can it monitor the well? 

  • Up to 10 years depending  upon sampling frequency and well temperature.

Key benefits

  • Customers save money with faster decision making and operational efficiency.

  • Easy to install in less time.

  • Small and light weight equipment reduces overall complexity.

  • Reduced surface infrastructure and well bore equipment.

  • Reduced number of wellbore trips.

  • Reduced number of crew members to run equipment.

  • Integrated operations.


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